PA Educational Improvement Tax Credit Program (EITC)

"It's a no-brainer: give your money to Westtown rather than the government."  -Robert Kratz, President of accounting firm Robert J. Kratz & Co., current parent, and EITC donor

 "Most people don't know this is available, but it's as simple as telling your accountant to fill out a form.  In fact, once you participate and see how simple it is, you have to wonder why other businesses don't participate."  -Kristen Scandone Waterfield, President of Malvern Schools, current parent, and EITC donor

 Where would you rather send your money – Harrisburg or Westtown?

The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania provides generous tax credits to eligible businesses (see below) who give financial aid gifts to Westtown School. Tax credits start at 75% of the donation amount for a one year contribution, and it increases to 90% for a two year contribution, but residual tax benefits can reduce the actual cost of the donation to virtually nothing!  To date, Pennsylvania businesses have donated more than $800,000 to our financial aid program with gifts ranging from $750 to $75,000.

WHO:      C-Corporations, S-Corporations, Single & Multi-Member LLCs, and LLPs all qualify

WHAT:       Receive a tax credit in exchange for supporting financial aid for Pennsylvania children

WHY:         1)     Receive credit toward PA taxes (75-90% credit against taxes owed, up to

                         $750,000 over two years)

                 2)     A deduction against net income as a charitable donation

                 3)     Helps Westtown provide more scholarship assistance

 WHEN:     Today! Simply go online and fill out a form to start the process.

 HOW:       Click here to download the complete application materials.  

Please contact Nancy Turner, Director of Planned Giving at 610-399-7917 for more information.  She can help guide you through the process or answer any questions.


Any businesses authorized to do commerce in PA, who are subject to the following taxes, may be eligible to receive tax credit for gifts made to Westtown School, a “Scholarship Organization.”

  •       Corporate Net Income Tax
  •       Capital Stock Franchise Tax
  •       Bank and Trust Company Shares Tax
  •       Title Insurance Companies Shares Tax
  •       Insurance Premiums Tax
  •       Mutual Thrift Institution Tax
  •       Personal income Tax of S Corp shareholders or Partnership partners

Instead of sending your tax dollars to Harrisburg, your business can support Westtown students!